Free Browsers Extension

A free, fast and reliable tool to advance your Amazon business.

With the AQdata Browsers Extension, you'll be able to:

Capture Product Information

Quickly capture a full-page product information, including image, product name, other sellers, price, category, rank, reviews, ratings, weight, etc.

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Track Sales Rank

Track product sales rank in recent one year to spy on competitors' sales.

Track Price Trend

Track product price trend in recent one year to master competitors’ pricing strategy.

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Track the Buy Box

See how many sellers in the Buy Box and how much they sell the procuct to help you make product positioning strategy.

Compare Price

See what the same product is selling for on 3rd party websites such as eBay or Walmart to get a better idea of market pricing.

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Estimate Sales

Instantly discover the estimated monthly sales volume for every product to see if it’s worth competing with on your eCom site or selling platform.

Calculate Profit

Quickly evaluate product profitability with profit calculator to decide whether to sell the product.

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Filter Product Data

Effortlessly filter any column and drill down to find more products you are looking for.

Store Product Data

Easily export product data to CSV file so you can do further data processing and analysis.

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